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According to his friends Florian is a born optimist. Always smiling and attentive, he appreciates human contact and enriching encounters.

Graduated with a degree in instrumental optics in 2012, he began working that same year for Nikon as an optical technician. It was there that he clicked and decided to leave the beaten track in 2013 to begin his adventure in photography by starting his own business as a self-taught photographer.

Florian takes care to do well, whether in shooting or editing, in his photographs he always seeks an aesthetic result while sublimating emotion and adding his artistic touch.

For him photography is a true means of expression for which each photographer has a very particular vision. His is essentially based on capturing emotions, the true moment, the moments of life.


His goal through this photographic vision is to provide you in return with striking emotions, with pictures that will tell you a story and that you can proudly pass on from generation to generation.

If he had to sum up his photos in two words, he would say that they are alive and authentic, much like him in reality.



“Capturing emotions is essential for me”



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